2021 Conference Agenda

Virtual Conference (SGT/UTC+8)

October 27, 2021

  • Future Networks: The Vision & Strategy
  • 12:20 pm
    Opening CxO Keynote Panel: The Network of the Future and the Future Telco
    • Who are tomorrow’s customers and what are the requirements for the network of the future?
    • Will the promise of automation and intelligence really deliver the network requirements of tomorrow?
    • New business models & operating models: the roadmap to growth?
    • Open networking, programmability and disaggregation: what does the mean for the telco of the future?
    • Hyperscale cloud providers and telcos: defining the relationship for future business models
  • 1:00 pm
    Keynote Presentation: Automation Now, next generation operating models for the telco of the future
    • Open & programmable networks to deliver on-demand sliced based services to the customer: establishing the framework
    • Moving towards zero down time in the network: what is the roadmap?
    • Establishing the architecture for future networks: private, hybrid or public cloud?
    • Enabling agility with a DevOps-oriented culture: new skills and shifting the mindset
    • Maintaining the network while we transform: keys to success
    • Operational transformation: accelerating the adoption of automation and AI
  • 5G & Edge: Unlocking Value
  • 1:20 pm
    Panel Discussion: 5G & intelligent Edge, unleashing the potential
    • Defining the 5G opportunity and the implications on network operations
    • Operating at the Edge: What is the opportunity & how to embrace it?
    • The role of automation in being able to offer end to end slices in 5G: Accelerating services, provisioning on demand and driving revenue
    • Delivering enhanced quality of experience with a dynamic and distributed cloud model
    • Revising the value chain and the role of the telco: co-creation and co-operation to develop use cases
  • 1:50 pm
    Panel Discussion: Intelligent operations for new 5G ecosystems: A game changer?
    • How do you build intelligent operations for a 5G world?
    • Can the network and IT deliver on the promise?
    • Defining the pathway and timetable for an end-to-end migration path from legacy systems to modular, cloud-native IT components
    • Automation and end-to-end scalability to unleash the full potential of 5G: how to embed the right capabilities and technologies in the 5G proposition
  • 2:20 pm
    Telstra Case Study: Industry 4.0: The intersection of Cloud, Edge, 5G, IoT and AI: The real growth opportunity
    • Tackling latency: Will 5G and edge computing be the cornerstone for many IoT and AI applications and devices?
    • Enabling a sustainable, secure, data rich future: understanding the links between these technologies and how they can be mutually supportive
    • Models for success and early use cases
    • The role of automation and orchestration to ensure service defined slices in the network
    • Creating the right culture and environment to integrate these new technologies into the telco DNA
  • 2:40 pm
    Analyst Q&A
  • Zero Touch Automation & New Operating Models
  • 3:10 pm
    Panel Discussion: Operational Transformation: Accelerating the journey to zero touch automation
    • Defining the roadmap for new operations models
    • In the promised future 5G and ‘sliceable’ networks, what should network operations look like?
    • What is the optimum organisational model and where does accountability for AI/Automation activities sit within a modern Telco?
    • Embracing openness and promoting open platforms where APIs and data is accessible by multiple processes
    • Moving towards scalable & cloud native network services delivery
  • 3:40 pm
    Presentation: Zero Touch Automation: Myth or Reality?
    • What role does zero-touch play in business transformation?
    • Delivering a simplified architecture and enablement of on-demand services and business models
    • Adopting a customer-centric, ecosystem-oriented, and collaboration-enabled approach
    • Taking advantage of AI, big data, cloudification to introduce highly autonomous, self-healing and self-optimizing capabilities
  • Dynamic Orchestration and Intelligent Assurance
  • 4:00 pm
    Panel Discussion: Dynamic orchestration: paving the road to the intelligent, autonomous networks
    • Driving end-to-end network automation and service orchestration across multiple domains
    • Accelerating new service introduction and enabling new revenue streams
    • Service fulfilment: Enabling new services and products to be ordered and deployed efficiently
    • Transforming network and service performance through closed loop assurance and AI
  • 4:30 pm
    Panel Discussion: Agile service provisioning, orchestration, and intelligent assurance: Evolution or Revolution?
    • Network Orchestration: breaking down the silos between SDN, NFV and OSS for an end-to-end service orchestration
    • Deployment models: Is open source the right approach?
    • Moving to a more service-oriented model of network operations: defining best practice
    • Enabling true service innovation with scalable, agile networks that meet today’s customer demands
  • 5:00 pm
    Closing Keynote: CSP Q&A

Virtual Roundtables (SGT/UTC+8)

October 28, 2021

  • 2:00 pm
    Executive Roundtable – 5G & Edge: Unlocking Value

    Invitation-only VIP roundtable

  • 3:00 pm
    Executive Roundtable – Zero Touch Automation & New Operating Models

    Invitation-only VIP roundtable

  • 4:00 pm
    Executive Roundtable – Dynamic Orchestration and Intelligent Assurance

    Invitation-only VIP roundtable